Twenty Twenty Optimise Plugin ⚡

🌈 A WordPress plugin to improve the page load speed of the seven most popular WordPress themes.

The plugin will only work with a parent theme and it will not work with a child theme installed in a WordPress website.

Installation guide:

  1. Setup WP Engine web hosting for a WordPress website
  2. Configured nameservers with DNS Made Easy using the server IP as the A Record
  3. Activated the Twenty Twenty-Three WordPress theme in the WordPress Dashboard
  4. Downloaded the Twenty Twenty Optimise Plugin from GitHub and activated the plugin in the WordPress Dashboard
  5. Removed other plugins from the WordPress dashboard
  6. Turned on the Twenty Twenty Optimise Plugin settings
  7. Ran speed tests on Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix and compared them to wpstandardspeed.com and this site without the plugin activated. Page speed performance results are posted on GitHub.


Ben slibdesign.com updated to WP v6.1.1

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